The Art of Not Trying

Psychotherapist Vibes
2 min readApr 18, 2021

A Hampton Psychotherapy Short Segment

“State of Being” is a concept we regularly hear Buddhists and other enlightened beings discuss in detail.

The notion that we can just “be” — without trying or efforting is a radical one to consider.

Yet, the most prosperous people on the planet completely understand this, without remotely compromising their hustle or grind.

For an initial example, consider Mother Nature.

She doesn’t try. She simply exists.

She expects the next season to arrive without stress or question. She does not worry as to whether the plants are going to grow or the trees are going to sprout their leaves in the Spring.

She does not feel sadness that the leaves will “die” in the Fall, but instead, treats us to a wildly colorful presentation to celebrate the metaphoric transition of one season into another.

Being is simply allowing without needing, trying, desiring or pressuring.

The ambitious individual (something I was for many years) is almost always, perpetually living in a state of “wanting”.

Although we usually associate ambition with success, they could not be more ideologically opposed to one another.



Psychotherapist Vibes

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